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Wokeness converts Superman but not Pepe le Pew

Wide acceptance as superhero falls for a pink-haired boy

Pepe le Pew was cancelled for his sexual proclivities which were no longer deemed appropriate – way too rapey, forcing his attentions on a cat who had no desire for a cross species relationship.

But a cross species relationship between a non-human male and a human male is completely appropriate.

Now, Superman – who originates from planet Krypton in a solar system far, far away —  is coming out as gay and is seen kissing a pink haired young man of similar age and body build.

Thats cool Superman

True, he was previously attracted to human females – Lois Lane being his main attraction. Being from different species, one would assume that they couldn’t have children.

But apparently  that’s not right, because this new Superman is the son of the Superman — the original superhero we all came to know and love – and his human mother Lois.

So one would assume that like a cross between a donkey and a horse, this offspring would be incapable of reproducing. Perhaps his first name should be Jack? Or maybe Hinny?

Well, this Superman is actually called Jon Kent. And his love interest is called Jay Nakamura – so that would suggest that Jay is of Asian perhaps Japanese descent, which may make for good sales in the Japanese market. Actually, Jay is a refugee from a fictional island that is believed to represent North Korea.

Jay comes from Gamorra – an Asian island nation run by a wicked dictator. Any similarity between the name Gamorra and Sodom and Gomorrah — the two towns of biblical fame which were known for their sexual excesses and which were destroyed by God — is completely coincidental. The word gonorrhoea also comes from Gomorrah – which could be an indication of something coming up later. But surely not. And its best not to think of sodomy.

This is not a racist depiction of an Asian person

Certain Christian groups which are against homosexuality may see a connection though.

Meanwhile, with Jay being Asian, whether Japanese or Gomorran or not, It also suggests an interracial relationship – but maybe having a black love interest would have been a step too far, for the white-looking Superman.

But given his preference for males, the inability to procreate presumably doesn’t bother this new incarnation of Superman.

Luckily, this Superman, apart from being bi-species, is also bisexual, so maybe in the future he may have a female love interest, and will be able to have progeny the traditional, time-tested method, if he so desires. What the reaction might be later on if this Superman should have a female love interest instead of a male one, remains to be seen.

So far, though, the author says that there has been a lot of support on social media for the new gay Superman – which would indicate that cross species sex is not a problem. Well, it wasn’t before – when alien species Clarke Kent was chasing down human Earthling Lois Lane – so there’s no reason why it should be a problem now.

Not cool Pepe

All of this may seem a little unfair to Pepe le Pew, who has had time now to consider his own sexual proclivities. But the problem with Pepe wasn’t his preference for pussies—even though he was a skunk —  but rather his trying to force his affections on another in contravention of the #MeToo movement.

But really, maybe someone just needed to explain to Pepe that his love interest was in fact not a skunk – Pepe was too stupid to figure that out on his own. More importantly, and at the same time, they could have explained to him that his efforts at courtship were really beyond the pale.

Unlike Pepe and his wannabe amour, it is clear from images of Superman and Jay together that both are willing partners. They are both consenting.

But they are not consenting adults – as both are still children. Superman appears to be the elder at 17,. Jay is younger and although working as a reporter is still at  school – which is where Superman met him.

That’s not creepy in the least. Well, actually it appears that he is at college and not high school – so presumably some kind of kid genius.

Actually, due to some intergallactical hocus pocus, Jon Kent is probably not 17 in Earth years. He left the planet for a few weeks but came back years older. Is he old enough to be in a relationship — even if he looks 17? How old is he in Earth years? That’s not creepy either.

And presumably Jon and Jay’s relationship won’t go beyond a kiss at this point, unless in its rush to push the acceptance of queerness, DC Comics puts aside the issue (legal and moral) of children having sex. The issue will get more complicated once Superman turns 18 and becomes an adult, while Jay remains a child. Or if it turns out that Superman is really a child way younger than 17.

Everything is great

All may be fine between them now – but 30 years down the line, Jay could take Superman to court for having sex with a minor, who he knew was not yet an adult. So hopefully he’ll keep a lid on that.

Beyond those issues, for those who find the idea of a bi-species superhero to be really pushing the realms of believability, some have pointed out that there are other logical problems to overcome which no one has previously had an issue with.

“Superman, a flying bulletproof alien who shoots lasers out of his eyes, got Lois Lane, a human woman, pregnant, but the fact that their child is gay is just too unrealistic,” tweeted The Volatile Mermaid. She got 3,900 likes after two hours.

One wonders though, as they are both journalists, if they are breaking job rules about having sexual partners from the same company. Is Superman in a superior position? Could he be thought to be using his greater power within the organisation to make Jay feel that his job security is threatened if he doesn’t accept Superman’s advances?

This is a racist depiction of an Asian person

How will this relationship play in later years? All may be well and good now. With Jay’s pink hair suggest that he is taking the role of a female partner in the relationship – so that Superman can still be seen as one of the most Alphas of males? Meanwhile, Jay’s thick spectacles shouldn’t be thought of in anyway as being a stereotypical depiction of an Asian person by a Western artist.

There have been other non-straight superheroes in recent years – but most of them have got no traction and few have heard of. An exception might be one iteration of the Green Lantern, who while popular, doesn’t have the same presence as Superman. And recently Batman’s boy wonder Robin came out as bisexual. But that wouldn’t have been a surprise to many comic book fans.

Who next?



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