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Whatever stage of business or life you are at, building an investment portfolio is essential to ensure that your capital is growing and your income is flowing!

Sourcing and structuring investments is never easy, and if you don’t know what you are doing it can be financially dangerous. Even if you have experience in the field, do you have the time to do it alongside your core activities? And is it the best use of your time? 

For a large part of my career, I have been on the receiving end of investments – raising debt and equity for my own businesses. And for the past 10 years, I have been using the skills I learned as a business operator and borrower to be a better lender and investor – I would argue that I have a truly unique perspective having been on both sides of the table.

I have made hundreds of lucrative investments, producing fantastic returns on capital for myself and my partners. And now I am looking to grow my network of partners, opening up the ability for you to have access to the opportunities I create.

When you become a co-investor with me you get:

  • Access to off-market deal flow. Unique investments available to no one else.
  • My own capital sat in the deals next to yours. You know our interests are truly aligned.
  • The chance to invest in debt or equity deals, whether you are looking for income or capital growth opportunities.
  • Regular progress reports and access to my first-class investor relations team.

Tax efficient structures to avoid the greatest killer of investment returns.

My investments

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Why Me?

Over the past years, I have developed an investment strategy that has brought me a great deal of success and millions in returns. And I have made many mistakes along the way to gain the knowledge I have today. Investing is a dangerous game if you don’t fully understand the process, but with over 25 years of experience and hundreds of businesses and investments under my belt, I know better than most what should be profitable and what is a dead end. Partnering with me gives you access to my knowledge, skills and contacts – so you can fast-track your returns and avoid the pitfalls I had to suffer at the start!

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25+ years of experience

Track record

Access my deal-flow

Hands Off Investment

Massive network


I am looking for experienced, high-net worth individuals who aren’t new to investing. You need to understand the process and appreciate that investing brings risks as well as rewards. I want investors who understand my skill set and trust me to get on with it – we provide detailed, regular investor updates but I don’t need hourly emails from scared novices! 

I look for a minimum £100K investment, with the intention and ability to scale that up higher in the future.

Minimum 100K investment

High Net Worth Individuals

Experienced Investors

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