Introduce to me

If you follow me, you’ll know how much I value networking and growing my contact list. For that reason, I am always open to new introductions, whether it’s to raise funds, provide finance, do deals, or just build new friendships that’ll add more value to my life! 

Why Introduce people to me?

I have the experience. I have the contacts. I have the team and most importantly, money in the bank! So introducing people to me could be the start of a life-changing business partnership. And if you made the introduction there could be something in it for you too!

What kind of people do i want to meet?

My network includes millionaires, billionaires, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and truly unique individuals. I constantly travel the world and my network is based all over it.

So if you can introduce me to any of the following then I want to hear from you:

  • Billionaires and multi-millionaires (all over the world)
  • Promoters who wish me to speak for their audiences
  • People who want me to speak at their event or office 
  • High-level media, magazines, TV, radio and online publications
  • Killer staff to work in my organisations

If you’d like to introduce someone to me, it must be mutually beneficial. Buying me a coffee whilst trying to pick my brains isn’t going to cut it! I only have so many hours in the day and I take maximum advantage of every one of them. So I need to know what you or the party you want to introduce are going to bring to the table and what you want from me.

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