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Woken Leader works to wake up the leader in you

By Ricky Browne

At a time when corporate leadership positions are less and less only for Oxbridge graduates from a privileged background, Woke Leader not only helps leaders to become better leaders, but also helps aspiring leaders to chart their course to success.

Woke is a very current term, that speaks to being aware of both social and racial justice. But despite its current name, and its publication last month, this book isn’t relevant only because of what is happening in the world now,. It addresses not only leaders who seek to be woke, but about leaders who already are woke.

Lewis Hamilton

With race car driver Lewis Hamilton being named today the most powerful black person in the United Kingdom on the Powerlist 2021, more and more people are becoming aware of how unequal the society around them can be.

In Woken Leader, readers learn not only the different types of leaders out there, their advantages and disadvantages, but also learn more about their own personality and how it can be used to create a favourable leadership style.

Readers from minority backgrounds especially are given a feeling of their own worth, and are given real-world examples of successful leaders from all different backgrounds, and even ages. Current leaders who have demonstrated that there is room in the corporate boardroom for far greater diversity than we have become accustomed to.

The greatest… Mohammad Ali

A section of the book actually touches on Lewis Hamilton’s role. Other leaders are explored at greater length, such as stars like Mohammad Ali and his skills as not just a boxer, but as a leader in the ABCs of leadership as outlined by Haughton — ability, belief and coherent strategy.

There are lessons for all in how Ali became ‘the greatest’ not only in the ring, but outside of it, and how he beat his opponents, not just in the ring but outside of it as well.

Elon Musk poses with one of his Teslas

Elon Musk leader of Tesla and SpaceX is another leader of note. But are his skills as a visionary, an expert in his field and a champion for innovation and creativity enough for him to be considered an excellent leader?

Other normally less desirable forms of leadership, such as autocratic leadership, are also looked at — where the leader gives orders that are expected to be followed without question. How effective is that leadership style in today’s world?

As for leadership style, there is no perfect type of leader —  but some types may work better than others depending on the corporate environment.

Author Dr Howard Haughton knows a lot of what he’s talking about first hand.

A British citizen of Jamaican heritage, he has worked at a high corporate level for companies in the UK, Jamaica and indeed across the Commonwealth.

Widely recognised as an expert in the field of risk management, Haughton has also taught at university level. He is an independent consultant, author and an expert in the fields of leadership & governance, finance and risk management with more than 30 years of top level experience.

Author Dr Howard Haughton

This book hits the mark on many levels. Its great for current leaders who want to improve their leadership style and become more inclusive in how they manage their team. Its great for young people who want to find a successful path in the corporate world, and who while not yet leaders, may want to better understand the thinking and style of their own current leaders. And it is great for people who belong to a minority group to learn that there are no obstacles to their progress that can not be overcome.

The book actually tests the reader on their knowledge of leadership and challenges them to become better.

An ancient Roman mosaic

This book is highly recommended for anyone who wants to become a ‘woke leader’ at a time when society is becoming more aware of the rights of the individual and of the benefits of a society that looks more like a mosaic work of art than a monochrome, brick wall.

The book is available on Amazon UK for £12.70.



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