What’s the right work life balance for you? No-one can answer this except you, but it’s easy to look at everyone else around you and wonder if you’re getting it right.

For me it simply comes down to your priorities – the right balance for you is going to involve a combination of happiness and ambition.

It doesn’t matter whether you work in an office, for yourself, on the road, at a desk, or even don’t work at all – comparing yourself to the people around you is a complete waste of time. The only thing that matters when it comes to looking at your own work life balance is what your own priorities are.

So, ask yourself now: What is important to you?

And is the lifestyle you’re leading at the moment ticking those boxes?

What lifestyle do you want for yourself?

It’s no good dreaming about making a ton of money, but only putting in enough effort to tide yourself over from month to month. You might have a great “work life balance” but actually still not be achieving what you want out of life.

For me, I knew that if I wanted to live a certain kind of lifestyle, there was no shortcut to just putting the effort in to get there. I prioritised working hard, putting in the effort needed to get what I wanted.

There were times when to an outsider it might have looked like I had absolutely no ‘work life balance’ but at the time, it was right for me to work crazy hours and deal with insane amounts of stress because I knew that would ultimately pay off.

It’s personal

On the flipside, if you’re someone who actually wants to prioritise your time with family, or your fitness, or your hobby – why on earth are you making yourself miserable working all hours and missing out on what’s actually more important to you?!

Family time

There is no right or wrong answer here. You just have to be honest with yourself. Are your expectations for your life matching up to the reality you’ve made for yourself? If not, who do you think is going to come along and change it for you – the answer is, ABSOLUTELY NO-ONE BUT YOU!


We all have a choice when it comes to how much effort you put in. You can’t always control everything going on around you, but if you recognise that being successful in your business is something that’s important to you – whether that’s because of certain financial goals you have, or because of some target or result that you want to achieve for its own sake, or you just always had a lifelong dream of being your own boss and in charge of your own time – GET THE BALANCE RIGHT to make it happen!

We all get the same number of hours in each day. What you choose to prioritise – and it is always a choice – is going to determine the results you get.

 If you’re serious about prioritising making your business a success and need funding to make it happen, I can help.

Get in touch if you have a pitch or idea for how to grow your business and let’s talk!



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