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Prince Andrew trending on Twitter as two new stories link him closer to Epstein and now Nygard

No comment from Prince over right royal mess

By Ricky Browne

Some people can’t wait for the day when they are trending on social media. Prince Andrew is probably not one of those people.

But like it or the Queen’s second son, and eighth in line to the throne, was trending on Twitter in the UK today — with more than 12,700 comments on the social media site.

Prince Andrew in happier days

That was not good news for the Prince over the right royal mess he found himself in — with links to pedophilia. With the world engaged in the coronavirus pandemic and Britain and Europe also busy with negotiations over a trade deal, he no doubt hoped that his story was fading away.

But no such luck. Because now thousands of comments are being made about the Prince again — this time spurred not by one, but two news stories on the Prince, both linking him to people accused of sex crimes.

In the first, the Daily Mail had printed a story on Prince Andrew saying that he had ‘misled’ his BBC interviewer last year, when he said that he had not spent the night at Jeffrey Epstein’s house. The story says that he had in fact delayed a planned family holiday in the Bahamas in 2001, to spend time at Epstein’s home.

Prince Andrew takes a walk with Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein was an American multi-milionaire and pedophile who died in jail last year. Prince Andrew admits knowing him, and has been accused of having sex with a minor who was in Epstein’s New York house. The Prince denies the accusation. A photo of him with his arm around his 17-year-old accuser has been widely published, which he says could have been doctored. With them is Ghislaine Maxwell, who is herself accused of assisting Epstein in his pedophilia and sex trafficking.

Epstein in his mug shot Photo: AP

But unfortunately for the Prince, the news does not stop there.

A second story says that the Prince was also friends with another wealthy person accused of sex crimes — this one being Peter Nygard, the Canadian billionaire who has now been indicted in New York for crimes including sex trafficking and racketeering. Some 57 women have taken part in the legal action.

Peter Nygard at the 26th Annual Night of 100 Stars at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills California on February 28. 2016

The lawsuit says Nygard held sex parties on his property in the Bahamas as well as in California. Photos have been published of Prince Andrew with Nygard on his Bahamian estate in 2000.

“Nygard lured teen girls to his estate in the Bahamas for decades, dozens of women and former employees have told the New York Times. Their stories echoed one another: “He preys on poor people’s little girls.”” the New York Times reported on Wednesday.

A photo that was said to show Prince Andrew with Nygard in the Bahamas

The Sun also reported on the story, but drew a direct connection to the Prince, with the headline: “Prince Andrew’s tycoon pal Peter Nygard is arrested over alleged sex trafficking of teen girls.”

Its a bit unfortunate for the Prince — especially as it came out the same day as the Mail story — because other than the photo of him with Nygard when he visited the estate with his wife and two children, the Prince is not otherwise linked to the fashion mogul.

Prince Andrew had nothing to say — at least on Twitter — about the two news stories. In fact his official Twitter site The Duke of York, has not published anything since November 20 last year, when he released a letter on officially headed paper, to say that he was withdrawing from royal duties due to the Jeffrey Epstein affair. The last line of the letter said: “Of course I am willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations, if required.”

The photo of Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts (now Giuffre) with Giselle Maxwell Photo: Nicholas Razzell

He might not have wanted to speak to the two stories. But his main accuser Virginia Giuffre jumped at the chance.

“Prince Andrew reportedly delayed family vacation to party with Jeffrey Epstein- Hmm. Hang out with my family or abuse me (Virginia Roberts) again at Epstein’s behest. Guess he chose the latter. Why his family is sticking by his side is beyond me. #Sicko” tweeted Virginia Giuffre.

She followed that up with another, referencing the Nygard story.

GIUFFRE… Prince Andrew’s hole is getting deeper by the day. Photo: Reuters

“Prince Andrew’s hole he’s dug for himself is getting deeper by the day. This should be front page news- not where I’m bloody moving to. So his besties are all pedo’s are we starting to see a pattern yet? ⁦@metpoliceuk⁩ ⁦@BBCBreaking#TimesUp” tweeted Virginia Giuffre.

Also willing to tweet was the Prince’s former wife who has reverted to her pre-marriage name Sarah Ferguson.

“Today at 4pm on Storytime with Fergie and Friends I am going to be reading A Christmas Tale by Caroline Draper,” Ferguson tweeted. She posted a photo of herself with the book in question.

Sarah Ferguson prepares to tell a story

A follow-up tweet from Ferguson promoted a book for sale on her site. “A Gift of Kindness now available on” Ferguson tweeted.



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