Own your business vision and get s*** DONE!

Have you done anything this year that you’re proud of? Work, home, whatever it is, the best achievements are the ones that you really feel like you pulled off against the odds.

And if there’s nothing yet you really feel proud of, then what the hell are you doing wasting your time?!

I’m talking about things like massive business projects or ideas that you think are going to be too difficult to get done. Or sporting challenges that seem impossible, before you even start to train. The kind of things that when you tell people you’re doing it, they pull faces and give you worried looks, or quickly tell you why you shouldn’t even start.

Enjoying my Berry’s Tennis Classic event last weekend

Ignore the haters

There’s two kinds of people you’ll meet in life – the ones who will support you no matter what, and then the others who are too frightened to take risks for themselves, and will try to talk you out of taking them yourself.

But what people SAY has absolutely no bearing on whether you can make something a success.

It simply comes down to your attitude, and the effort you’re prepared to put in.

If you have a vision for something, it’s down to you to make it happen

When I had the idea for my Berry’s Tennis event in Leeds, (which I’m still detoxing from after this weekend!) I was turned down by absolutely loads of people who I’d asked to get involved with the event. Lots of people said it wouldn’t work, wasn’t really ‘for them’ and just wasn’t something they could see a reason to get involved with.

But I believed in myself, and trusted my gut feeling that the idea would work.

I was told this event would never work. It worked!

Work through the hard times

It’s hard to stay positive when things don’t always go your way. If you’re in business and taking risks, you are going to encounter times when the negatives seem to outweigh the positives. This is where your work ethic and mindset are what is going to get you through.

So if like me, the people you approach for help aren’t interested, knuckle down and get to work! I approached lots of people to help sell tickets, who all said no.

So what are you going to do, give up?! Hell no! If there’s no help coming from anywhere else, that’s when you commit to working three times as hard to make sure the job gets done.

Me working hard to make sure everyone has a good time!

Learn motivation

Staying motivated when circumstances are against you is part of what being an entrepreneur is all about. I’m not going to bullshit you and tell you that it’s easy to stay motivated. Sometimes you DO feel like giving up. But motivation is a DISCIPLINE. You can train yourself to make it happen for you.

Did I want to go out and slog away selling tickets for the tennis with no support? Not really. But did I get off my arse and make it happen anyway? YES! Because I had no choice!

Your mind is going to try and tempt you to take the easy way out. To make excuses for yourself. To try and take the easiest option, instead of putting yourself out there and risking failing.

No excuses!

But no-one is going to make your own visions and goals come to life for you except you. It takes guts, determination and a hell of a lot of self-discipline, but if you stick at it and put the work in, you’re going to start seeing results.

The Berry’s Tennis was amazing, with incredible feedback, comments and buzz on social with people already trying to get tickets for next year.

So it’s not about what anyone else says. It’s about what YOU DO to make your business vision a reality.

I’ve talked to lots of successful entrepreneurs about how they made their own success, despite knockbacks.

If you want to learn more from people who have been there and done it for themselves, check out my YouTube Channel, and see what else you could put into practice!


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