I was lucky enough to chat to the one-woman whirlwind that is Katie Price – and it has to go down as one of my most memorable interviews ever. Model (when she was known as Jordan) businesswoman, author, singer, TV star, celebrity mum – you name it, she’s done it.

We had a fascinating, honest and in-depth chat covering all sorts of topics. For some of it, she interviewed me!! I thought this was great, it helped things flow and made it such a natural conversation.


We’ve both experienced bankruptcy so we swapped stories, advice and tips. If you’re going through something similar, you’re not alone – here’s my ‘Monday Masterclass’ video on how I bounced back from bankruptcy.

Pretty much everyone who’s on social media has come across trolls – but I only get a fraction of the terrible personal abuse Katie and her family receive. She’s responded by coming up ‘Harvey’s Law’ to deal with online trolls, which is currently making its way through Parliament. MPs have already said that the current punishments for posting vile online abuse are “not fit for purpose” – and she’s actually got off her arse and is working hard to change things for the better, for everyone. How many people can say that? Inspirational.

She revealed her views on content creation…well, they’re similar to her views on life – just do it and never have regrets! If you haven’t seen it, here’s my LinkedIn blog on how to improve your content.

Her character and sense of humour really shone throughout and pretty much no stone was left unturned! It was fascinating to hear her discuss her crazy, frantic, controversial life – it’s mad to think she’s still only 41! She even went through a list of goals which she wrote when she was 13, and it transpires that all of her dreams have come true!

Coincidentally, my daughter Harlie is now 13, and I recently finally convinced her to appear on my channel! Here’s the first in our ‘Young Money’ series where we chat about how to get started as a young entrepreneur. In this episode, we had a fun but useful chat about how to get started on social media, trolls, developing your own personal brand and the importance of honesty and variety. I can’t wait to film more of these!

For more videos where I chat to celebrities, business gurus and social media influencers about business, their inspiration, hopes and dreams – a bit of everything! – visit my YouTube channel, and for more topical, fun and above all educational business blogs follow me on LinkedIn.

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