The inspirational award-winning model, businesswoman and philanthropist chats about her amazing rags to riches story, early business acumen and her brain tumour

Caprice was a total revelation to interview. Funny, sassy, passionate, hugely intelligent and business savvy – and much more! She gave me, and everyone who watches the video, so much tangible, practical real-life business advice – so much so she inspired me to write this LinkedIn article on what I’d learnt from her!

Anyone who was a teenager in the nineties (like me) probably had a her picture on their bedroom wall at some point, from FHM or one of those magazines! Incidentally I had a great business chat with Mike Souter, former editor of FHM, where I told him I practically kept that mag in business back in the day!!

Back to Caprice – did you know that she realised her own business & brand potential and was discussing royalties and utilising the power of her brand from the start of her career? She even made deals with photographers that she would get a cut when they used her photos at a time when most of her peers were giving away their image for free. Her foresight at such a young age was awe-inspiring. She truly owned her business vision – something which is crucial to your success, and something I’ve posted about on my LinkedIn page before.

She also reveals all about her recent brain tumour diagnosis, the eight-hour surgery and how it gave her a different outlook on business – and life. She chats about reinventing herself, how she’s learnt the importance of pausing before making business negotiations and decisions and gives more great advice on building a sustainable business future…“Put your ego in your back pocket” and “You fall down, you get straight back up again!” 

She also gives her opinions on the challenges of achieving a work/life balance. This is something I’m really passionate about…and my message is, stop f****** up your work life balance!! I’ve also covered this important topic in one of my Monday masterclass videos.

Towards the end of the interview, we even started talking about dildos!! But you will have to watch the video to find out why!! If you’d have told me a few years ago that one day I’d be talking about vibrators with Caprice, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. It all arose (!) from a chat about passion (!) for your product and your brand. One of the key skills here is building your brand – something Towie’s Nicole Bass had some great ideas about when I met her.

For more videos where I chat to celebrities, business gurus and social media influencers about business, their inspiration, hopes and dreams – a bit of everything! – visit my YouTube channel, and for more topical, fun and above all educational business blogs follow me on LinkedIn.

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