He’s the most famous spy on the planet, cheating death, living the high life and always getting the girl. While you might not think your day to day life is anything like that of James Bond, there’s a few lessons you can learn from how he operates to take your own business to the next level. Here’s how…

1. Keep calm, even while the shit hits the fan

I’m not saying you have to pitch up to work in a tux but you can’t deny that Bond always looks slick. Even when everything around him is chaos, or he’s driving a tank through the middle of St Petersburg, he still makes time to straighten his tie. 

Presenting a professional and calm exterior even if your business is in chaos is absolutely vital in business. If you come across as confident and capable (even if you don’t feel it!) you’re much more likely to win your clients trust and therefore their business.

2. Be assertive.

Everyone knows how Bond takes his favourite drink (martini, shaken not stirred). He’s specific and clear on what he asks for, leaving no doubt about what he wants.

 In your business, if you give exact instructions, you’re much more likely to see the exact results that you want too. Communicating clearly to the rest of your team builds your authority as a leader.

3. Get the latest kit

A Bond film isn’t really a Bond film without a whole load of ridiculous gadgets. You don’t have to have a rotating saw in your watch or explosive toothpaste, but Bond’s latest devices always added something to the plot.

Keeping up to date with your tech is a no brainer in business. Getting the very best tools for your business – electronic or otherwise – means you’re more able to stay ahead of the competition and deliver a high quality service for your customers. Don’t get left behind!

4. People are not always what they seem

Bond is always charming, but not everyone he meets is who they seem. He’s been taken in a few times by a glamorous ‘assistant’ who ends up trying to kill him.

Hopefully the people in your team are not going to try and strangle you in your sleep, but check whether your first impressions of them are actually right. If you put your trust in someone who promised the earth, is the work and effort they’re putting in really matching your expectations? Or did you write someone off as useless without really giving them a chance to show you what they were best at?

5. Be bold!

Bond does the impossible, survives every attempt to kill him and gets the job done every time because of his daring. He’s always thinking on his feet, and when it comes to escaping or making a getaway isn’t afraid to take risks.

 If you’re always playing it safe in business, you might have moderate success, but the real big wins often come with big risks attached.

For more tips on how you can approach every challenge in your business like the big hitters, check out my other Linked In articles, and my blog.

There’s a ton of good stuff here if you’re serious about building your skills!

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