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What I’m A Celebrity can teach you about business…and life

I’m sure, like me and my daughter Harlie, you’ve loved watching I’m A Celebrity recently. It’s great entertainment, although this year meant I had to suffer Harlie’s first celebrity crush – Roman Kemp!! Urgh – this obviously meant I was voting to get rid of him every week!

I took my mind off this by thinking about how many of the skills the celebs have discovered can be linked to business. In recent series they definitely seem to have stopped slagging each other off and realise the benefits of working together as a unified team – some of this year’s Apprentice candidates could learn a thing or two from them!

Here are my five takeaways from the jungle this year..

1 Lighten your load

You don’t head off to the Aussie jungle with loads of baggage in your case – all you need is the standard issue outfit which is presumably dished out by Ant & Dec the moment you land. When it’s all over, many of the celebs say the absence of material things helped them think more clearly and prioritise tasks properly. The same applies to business – try and lighten your load. You’ll never succeed if you’re saddling yourself with too much stuff all at once – and you’ll spread yourself and your talents too thinly.

2 Concentrate on the most important task in hand

You don’t need me to tell you there are so many different things competing for your attention during every waking minute – even every second. But during the challenges, the famous faces in in the middle of nowhere must focus on just one thing – which could be swallowing kangaroo testicles!

Remember that true concentration is the absence of irrelevant thought. Give your immediate tasks your full attention.

3 Trust and value your team

The celebs have to work together to win challenges – or they go hungry (I’m sure there’s a huge pile of food nearby if they do fail, but let’s pretend there isn’t!). There’s genuine joy when someone succeeds with a task, and their prize is always shared equally among the campmates. A simple but important lesson – hard work and commitment brings shared rewards.

4 Be yourself, and you’ll make that connection

Appearing on the show is a risk – and not just because you’re probably going to have to drink a cockroach cocktail or sit in a hot tub filled with rotting fish guts. You’re fully exposed, at the mercy of public opinion. If you try and put on an act then you won’t be able to keep it up for long and you will ultimately be exposed. So the lesson for us here is be yourself, be natural and connect with people naturally. That’s exactly what recent winners, like Jacqueline Jossa, Toff and Harry Redknapp, worked out.

I’m not joking here – I’m A Celeb is now closer to business reality than most Apprentice tasks! Everyone works together for a common goal and when they succeed, everyone gets to thrive and celebrate. So, follow my advice and you can be King or Queen of your own jungle! 


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Fail to do this and you’re the next Gillian McKeith.

5 You’re capable of anything – just put your mind to it!

Everyone has fears and phobias – and most of the celebs will be dreading coming face to face with spiders, snakes and being covered in thousands of creepy crawlies. But you know what? Almost without exception, they conquer these fears for the good of the team. If they can get through the disgusting challenges they’re faced with, you can certainly smash your ‘to do’ list!


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