Brexit – we’ve not been able to avoid it for about the last five years…despite our best efforts!

Don’t worry! I’m not going to go on a 2,000 word rant for or against it from a political perspective. My sole concern with it is how it’s going to affect people – the average person on the street, the entrepreneur, the sole business owner, the CEO, the single mum who’s got two jobs…all the hard-working people who know that success comes from investing in themselves.

Brexit first became a thing about five years ago. Since then, we’ve heard little else. It’s dominated news agendas, business meetings, social media, networking events, pub conversations…and I’m sure, like me, you became totally fucking sick of it really quickly. I tried to avoid it – but sadly this became impossible. Now we’ve left, and here’s the thing…still no-one knows what’s going to happen – whether things are going to be better, worse or exactly the same!

We’re told we’re now ‘in transition’ for the rest of the year…

Imagine if I put all my businesses and investments ‘in transition’ until New Year’s Eve. I’d be a laughing stock, and I dread to think of all the missed business opportunities and plans for growth which would have to be abandoned. I come up with loads of new ideas every day – imagine being told to let everything stagnate for the next 11 months! I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with myself!

A lot of business owners have conveniently used Brexit as an excuse for all sorts of evils – job cuts, turning down growth opportunities, rejecting expansions, delaying important deals – and it’s pissed me right off. How can you base important decisions on something that’s so up in the air? I’ve got no strong political views either way, but what I do know is that politicians are absolutely useless at getting things done. I wouldn’t mind betting a cheeky grand on us still being ‘in transition’ in three, or five, or even ten years time – but luckily I have far, far better things to spend a grand on..

One thing about the whole mess which really annoys me is the amount of time and money spent on it. Imagine all of the business related stuff the politicians could have been sorting out to help you and me instead of spending literally years on Brexit. They could have been helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, providing incentives for them, removing obstacles…instead they spent ONE HUNDRED MILLION on a ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ campaign which had no effect!!

If you’re the sort of person who’s waiting for some sort of resolution to all this uncertainty before making any sort of business decision, we’re probably not going to get on. Even before Brexit was even a word, I bet you’re the sort of Cautious Carol/Colin who trundles along, too scared to make a decision and grow. Sure, you might make a mistake – but how are you going to know unless you try?

For me, it’s a massive relief that the fateful January 31 date has finally passed. Yes, nothing’s been sorted, but I hope now that the news agenda – and the business agenda – moves on and forgets about fucking Brexit.

Guys – keep calm & carry on…and focus on yourself – not more Brexit waffle!

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