HSBC profits plunge 69% due to pandemic and global tensions

HSBC announced today that its profits for the first half of 2020 dropped by 69 percent due to being hit by both the pandemic and an increase in tensions between the US and China. Post-tax profit for the bank stood at US$3.1 billion with pre-tax profit of US$4.3 billion, and revenue declining by nine percent

How to…Write The Perfect Blog Post! Look at my LinkedIn articles. ENDS Only joking 😂 but there’s no doubt that content creation is the main driver of business for your brand and product. It keeps you relevant, topical and most importantly – noticed! The influencers and business leaders I massively admire – Gary V, Dan Lok and Grant Cardone to

Coronavirus – UK Lockdown effects on Self Employed Workers and Entrepreneurs – Paul Cheetham-Karcz Boris Johnson has finally announced a UK Lockdown for Coronavirus Covid-19 but what does this mean for Self Employed people, Entrepreneurs and no essential workers. How will this affect the economy and everyday life?  SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR MORE TIPS – Facebook –… Twitter – Instagram – Share this! Share on

Coronavirus – How Pandemics Affect Societies and Social Frameworks with Laura Spinney

Today we sit down and talk to our expert Laura Spinney as we deep dive into historic pandemics, its effects on society and the social frameworks we all stick with. SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR MORE TIPS – Facebook –… Twitter – Instagram – Share this! Share on facebook Share on twitter Share

The Coronavirus #1 – interview with Dr Robert Lambkin-Williams

Part 1 of my 3 part special on Coronavirus is live now on you tube. This video is recorded with Rob Lambkin-Williams who is an international viral and immunology expert. I set out to create a ‘no bullshit’ guide to Coronavirus to include everything we all need to know without the hysteria, speculation and Chinese