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9 Reasons to start a business

To many, starting a business is one of the scariest things they will ever do. But I would say it will be one of the most rewarding things – take it from someone who did it at a very young age. Even when (and I say ‘when’ not ‘if’)  you get it wrong along the way, you will be rewarded with knowledge and learning experiences like no other. 

For me, running my own business and being in complete control of my whole life is the ultimate form of exhilaration. It has allowed me to grow as a person, expand my knowledge, make new, incredible friends and see the world. 

But it doesn’t come without its challenges, and only those with the courage to take that leap of faith and put in the hours will survive. If you do, it’ll be the best thing you ever did. 

It allows you to follow your passion 

I’m a strong believer that if you don’t love what you do, you’ll never be truly happy. Starting a business is an incredible way to do what you love, harness your talents and make a living from it in the process. Whether you love baking cakes or have an interest in property, by turning your passion into a full-time venture, you’ll never dread work again.  

You’ll be your own boss

Since my early twenties, I have been my own boss. I have been in complete control of my life, finances and future, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I realised from a very young age that having a boss meant handing over some of my freedom. That person could dictate how I spent my day, how I grew as a person and ultimately, how my life panned out. Being your own boss comes with plenty of stresses and responsibilities – trust me – but it’s a chance to live each and every day exactly how you want to and on your own terms. Who wouldn’t want that?

You’ll discover a lot about yourself 

When I look back at when I first started back, my life as a businessman has been an evolution in so many ways. It has obviously taught me a lot about the world of business and I’ve learned about the industries I am in – but more importantly, it has taught me about myself. 

25-year-old Matt thought ‘success’ was defined by how much cash you had in the bank and how many supercars you owned. I thought reaching the millionaire club relatively easily made me a great businessman. When I was made bankrupt and lost all of his businesses a year later, I quickly realised that how I overcame this career-ending hurdle would be the real test of his talent and resilience. And it was! 

Fighting my way back to the top showed me that success is so much more than just money, it’s about the journey, the failures, the lessons learned and the persistence. Today, I value my own happiness and enjoyment of business more than the number on the ATM, and because of that, I’ve become a far more successful entrepreneur and human! 

So, what I’m trying to say is that starting a business might be the scariest and riskiest thing you ever do, but it’ll reveal who you REALLY are. 

Your office can be anywhere

One of my favourite things about running my own business is that I can do it from anywhere in the world. For most of the year, I reside in Dubai but split the rest of my time between Spain, France, the UK and various other destinations around the world – wherever I fancy, to be honest. This flexibility allows me to work and travel at the same time, a luxury most 9-5 office workers don’t have. Whether you choose to work from home, in a different city to your hometown or on the other side of the world, this career offers endless flexibility and possibilities – all you need is a laptop, WIFI and suncream! 

You can make A LOT of money 

Let’s be honest, most people venture into business in the hope of making billions. This is true for some, but not most. However, this isn’t the result of ‘bad luck’, it boils down to how much you’re willing to work, how much research you’ve done and how smart you are with decisions and how good your plan is. If you’re committed to your work, have the right business model and are prepared to put in the hours, tears and sweat, your business WILL provide lucrative returns.

New people will come into your life

Whether you start a venture on your own or collaborate with a friend, business is far from a solo sport – you’ll meet and work with hundreds of people during your career! I often discuss the importance of networking on my social media channels because it’s one of the most important weapons you’ll ever have in your pursuit of success and happiness! I did not start my career with the hopes of making new friends (i wanted the big bucks!), but it’s been one of the most unexpected and fulfilling repercussions that have made me a better businessman and person!

Learn more about the importance of networking via the video below! 

It’s motivating 

When you run your own business, the future of your career is in your hands and yours alone. There is no one to take the fall or to help you out of a bad situation. If you’re the right kind of person, this pressure won’t be overwhelming. It’ll manifest itself as motivation and when it does, it’ll give you the push to be the best version of yourself every day in order to succeed. And trust me when I say, waking up every day with a purpose is the best feeling in the world!

You’ll be respected (if you do it right!)

When I was younger, I thought being loved by everyone was the same as being respected. I’ve since learnt that to be respected, you need to work hard, pay your debts and play fair – but also take risks, even if you fail in the process. Starting a business is brave. It’s not the right pursuit for people who are sensitive to criticism and challenges. If you play your cards right, build strong business relationships, pay people what they’re owed and work your arse off, you’ll earn the respect you deserve, as you should. 

You’ll set a good example for your kids 

To be successful in any industry requires commitment and hard work. But as we mentioned above, to be a business owner, you also need to be incredibly brave. Is that not the example you’d like to teach your kids? A lot of people encourage their kids to attend university, get a good education and find a job that way. Whilst I agree learning is extremely beneficial, I want to teach my daughter that real-life lessons are just as valuable as those read in a textbook and pursuing a career in business is the best way to do that. It teaches you to always think ahead, plan, push yourself out of your comfort zone and continually learn from your mistakes. It teaches qualities that are beneficial in ALL aspects of life and that is the most important lesson of all. 

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