About Matt Haycox

My name is Matt Haycox and I’m a UK-based entrepreneur, investor, funding guru and consultant for business owners and SME’s. My specialist knowledge and background lies in the finance, leisure and retail sectors, however, the principles I teach are suitable for all industries and business sizes.

My investments & projects

Projects I have funded range from acquiring factory machinery, rolling out fast-food brands, stock acquisition for retail stores and supporting property developers on sites across the UK.

My goals are to invest further in SME’s and businesses in the UK, support business owners and entrepreneurs helping them to get more from their companies and to support the British economy through the further creation of jobs for the public.

I strive to find creative solutions, regardless of how complicated a situation may seem. If I see potential in your business proposition, I will find a way to support the project and provide the capital needed, ensuring my clients achieve their own entrepreneurial dreams.

To catch up with all of my latest projects and investments, follow me on social media or head over to my blog, where you can keep up to date with my most recent activities.

How can I help your business?

Does your business need support or an injection of capital to help it grow? I provide funding and support to businesses and SME’s that require finance to support their growth.

Does your business require capital injection quickly? I have provided funding from £10,000 to £2 million and closed a number of deals in less than 24 hours, where a speedy turnaround is required.

Do you need ‘real world’ advice from someone who has ‘been there & done it’? My team of experts and I work closely with a range of businesses across the UK. I will quickly understand your core objectives, goals and requirements, in order to create the most appropriate course of action and finance solution to suit your needs. My no-nonsense approach ensures you get the support you need when you need it.

Do you worry about the effects of your credit score or financial past? Don’t! If you have a solid underlying business then I won’t let your past get in the way of our future! I use my own money as well as working with alternative finance providers rather than a traditional bank – it might surprise you what I can do for you.

The history of Matt Haycox

My business career started in 1999 when I was thrown in at the deep end to turnaround a failing corporate clothing business. Since then I have lived the highs and felt the lows of business success and failure in many different sectors.

So in 2006, I established a finance brokerage and private lending business to provide funding to business owners struggling to get the capital they need to grow.

My invaluable experience of raising finance for my own businesses makes me different from most other lenders in the marketplace. Having had to do it for myself, I know the problems first-hand that businesses suffer, which means I also know how to solve them.

My career has varied from pulling pints in my own pubs to serving on the board of a PLC so I can draw on a business journey that gives advice grounded in reality.

During my past ten years working as an advisor, investor and funder of multiple companies, I am able to effectively recognise a great business opportunity and ensure business owners get the opportunity to progress to make it a success. Learning from both my past successes and failures, I’ve worked through almost every business situation that can be thrown at a business owner.

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