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Monkey wrench thrown into works at YouTube and GMail

Hotmail gets its groove back

By Ricky Browne

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, YouTube went down on Monday.

At around midday London-time, people who were dying for a little break from pandemic-induced stress may have tried to watch an entertaining video or perhaps listen to some of their favourite tunes.


But no dice. Instead of a little stress-relief they would have been treated to a cartoon image of a monkey holding a wrench.– or perhaps it is a spanner that he has thrown into the work .

Oops. “Something went wrong” were the words on the screen. No explanation as to what might have gone wrong or when it might be fixed.

People who tried to go onto YouTube via their cellphones had no luck either — and no humour to boot.

“Please check your network connection,” read a message on the screen — as if somehow this was your fault. No monkey business.

In no time flat Twitter of course went wild, with #YouTubeDOWN trending — as people flocked there to see if they were the only ones entering the Twilight Zone.

“YouTube server has just gone down worldwide,” tweeted DAnish.

It ain’t working… stop trying

Others were a little less calm about it.

“YOUTUBE PULL YA SHIT TOGETHER!’ tweeted JoJo@OMqsweetner. In three minutes the tweet had got 250 likes and 20 retweets.

And then to make matters even worse, if that was possible, GMail went down as well.

Gmail ain’t working either

“We’re sorry, but your account is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and suggest trying again in a few minutes. You can view the  G Suite Status Dashboard  for the current status of the service. If the issue persists. please visit the  Help Center” read a message on the site.

It quickly became clear that it was a global outage — the extent of which had never previously been experienced.

“The day has come. When we can’t even google what happened with Google Its still 2020. gmail and YouTube not working in India. @Google” tweeted Krishna Mehta@krishnamehtad.

“Youtube, google, gmail, down. Half of the world be like: #YouTubeDOWN” tweeted Hamza Rizvi, posting a photo of Homer Simpson giving a warning.

What is going on?

Can this pandemic get any worse?

Meanwhile, not everyone was in a melt down, and in an alternate universe Homer was celebrating.

“Every single Hotmail user on my timeline today be like…” tweeted Danny Sweeney with an alternate image of Homer.

Hotmail users rejoice

“I’m not much affected by this #Google thing. I still use my Hotmail account as my main email. So I can carry on reading my emails from my friends. And by friends I mean the online retailers who keep telling me new ways to spend my money,” tweeted Nicky Cunningham.

But the distress on one hand and the claims of victory on the other were all short-lived as the Gmail and YouTube outage only lasted for about an hour.

But however brief, the outage gave a glimpse into what life could be like if we were cut off indefinitely from our access to the internet. And maybe, just maybe, people will now invest some time to find alternatives to the services they depend on, like YouTube and Gmail. And maybe, just maybe, Hotmail and Yahoo email users will be considered cool again.

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