It’s true – many of the potential pitfalls of the festive season can be linked to the world of business! Walking through the centre of Leeds in December, as well as decorations everywhere and the streets getting noticeably busier (great news for the high street and fantastic to see) it struck me that there are quite a few links between Christmas and the business world. So whether you’re going to be flat out working throughout Christmas or you’re taking the time off, check out my festive-themed business tips.

1 Plan it

It amazes me how many people leaving planning for Christmas until the last minute – and even I haven’t mastered this bit yet (luckily I do have a PA to delegate this problem to!!).

I know we’re all very busy, but what’s more important than family? I’m sure you’ve got quite a few social engagements coming up with family and friends – so plan ahead and get the best venues before someone else does and you’re left kicking yourself. It’s exactly the same in business. Planning is key to every element of your business, and therefore its success.

2 Have a strategic approach

There’s the old story about the bloke sweating away in a lingerie department at 4.59pm on Christmas Eve trying to find a present for his other half. Don’t be THAT guy! Have a strategy, be organised. In business, you have a lot of things pulling you from pillar to post and demanding your time. Have a clear diary and stick to it.

3 Keep an eye on your marketing approach

Like it or not, Christmas is all about marketing. Depending on what you believe online, it seems Coca-Cola had a hand in deciding Santa is red and white, John Lewis tries to tug the nation’s heartstrings with their latest ad and you can’t move for special offers in the shops. You can feel overwhelmed. But learn from this and apply this to business. Don’t overwhelm your customers with constant messages that are not relevant to them or designed purely to pressurise them. This is not the right strategy at any time of year – but it’s potentially disastrous at Christmas as people have so many other things to think about.

4 Include everyone

Christmas should be a time about thinking of others – and it’s the perfect time to reconnect with former clients, customers and colleagues. Maybe message them or even, shock horror, think about sending them an actual Christmas card or even a gift!! It’s bound to bring a smile to their face and who knows, it might even result in reviving an old business relationship.

5 Relax…if you can!

Christmas should be the perfect time to log off, switch off and get some much-needed clear head space after an extremely busy year. I’m guilty of struggling to find any time to relax throughout the year as I’m always so busy and excited about what’s happening next. But at Christmas, because so many people aren’t working, it pretty much forces me to take a little bit of time off and gives me some downtime to recharge before throwing myself into the next project – which is probably no bad thing!

I’ll be back soon with a blog on New Year’s Resolutions – business style! Until then, I hope you, your friends, family and teams all have a wonderful Christmas x

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