Stop making these 3 excuses and learn to delegate properly!

If you’re trying to grow a business, it will NEVER reach its full potential until you learn to DELEGATE. To scale a business, you need to learn to let go, but so many people fail to do this, and are left wondering why they’re not successful.

You cannot do all of the things, all of the time!

When you’re first starting out, you naturally end up wearing lots of different hats and managing nearly every aspect of your business yourself. This can work – for a while. But as your business grows, you find it harder and harder to keep on top of all the different roles, and this is when the problems start. 

If you’re so busy doing every little task and micromanaging every employee, you’re not going to have the time or headspace to see the bigger picture. Your job, as the business owner is to LEAD.

There’s a million and one different reasons people give for why they can’t or don’t delegate. All of them are bullshit as far as I’m concerned.

If you want to grow, you’ve got to be prepared to constantly make changes, and adapt to what’s going on around you. So if any of the following sounds familiar, you are holding yourself back from achieving MORE than you do right now:

“It’s just easier to do this myself”

Ask yourself – are you really the only person on the planet who can manage a spreadsheet? Input data? Pull a report? Initially, when you know your business better than anyone it IS easy to do everything, but don’t forget it still took you time to learn how to do it at first, and it still worked out in the end, right?!

You might feel it’s ‘faster’ or ‘easier’ to do everything yourself instead of teaching someone else how to handle it. But it’s just not sustainable in the long term. Your team’s skills are never going to improve unless you give them the opportunity to learn and grow themselves.

“I don’t trust anyone else to do this right”

Which begs the questions, what the fuck are you doing working with people you don’t trust?! If you’ve not got the right people on your team – CHANGE THEM!

The smartest leaders in business are the ones that recognise that they DON’T know it all, and surround themselves with people who are brilliant at what they do. Delegating work is a lot easier if you know it’s going to a safe pair of hands.

“I don’t have time to delegate”

If you are so flat out busy that you don’t have time to train someone else to do part of the work, you are NEVER going to grow your business. It might seem like taking a step backwards, but if you invest the time and money now in finding and training the right people, you’ll maximise your potential output in the long run.

Does any of this sound familiar? It’s really easy to get stuck in a rut, kidding yourself that you’re adding value when really you’re just filing your time. It’s especially hard to delegate if you’re clinging on to doing jobs you enjoy. But ask yourself, what’s going to make you more money – spending hours planning the office party yourself, or spending that same time training and equipping your team to grow their skills and confidence and delegate your workload?

Learning to delegate is vital if you’re serious about growing your business. If you’re already on that road, and looking for funding to take things to the next level, I want to hear from you! Get in touch.

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