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Stepping out… Michelle Obama contemplates retirement

By Ricky Browne

Michelle Obama, former US First Lady, says that she is about to retire.

Michelle Obama told People Magazine that  stepping out of the limelight and moving towards retirement would allow her and Barack to have more time and to “be with each other”.

A publicity shot from Obama’s book “Becoming”

She said she is “moving towards retirement right now” and would be more selective about any upcoming projects.

She also speaks of how Barack could also retire and play more golf, which would give her an opportunity to complain that he plays too much golf.

Stepping out… Michelle makes a fashion statement with Barack at Joe Biden’s inauguration

“…Barack can golf too much, and I can tease him about golfing too much because he’s got nothing else to do,” Obama said.

Exactly what 57-year-old Michelle Obama will be retiring from is not clear, as her job as First Lady ended more than four years ago in January 2017 when Melania Trump took over the position.

And the position of First Lady isn’t really all that tough – except that you have to deal with a US President every day. That was probably a harder job for Melania than it was for Michelle.

The position of former-First Lady is probably even less strenuous than First Lady. It certainly seemed to be the case for Melania, when she stepped off the plane on her first day out of the job last January, ditching her tailored business wear for a more relaxed bright and cheerful kaftan-like outfit.

Melania takes a relaxed approach to leaving the First Lady position

Since leaving the White House job, Michelle continued to live in Washington DC with her husband Barack, just down the road from Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner. they continued to dabble in politics, with both campaigning for Joe Biden and pointing out the less than desirable aspects of the Trump administration.

Michelle also found the time to write a book which made it to the top of the New York Times best seller list – Becoming.

Other than that, her life doesn’t appear to be very busy at the moment, even according to her own account. She said that she had taken up swimming and knitting to pass the time. It isn’t clear if she would drop those activities once she has retired.

Soon, Obama will be starring in Waffles + Mochi a Netflix programme which will see her alongside some puppets to teach children about home cooking. The programme airs next week. While in the White House Obama worked on a campaign to improve the health of children, and this project  could be a spin-off from that.

Perhaps Melania will soon announce her retirement, and will get the same kind of media intrigue as Michelle may now get. Or perhaps people will ridicule Melania and ask what precisely would she be retiring from.

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