Anyone who knows me will tell you that one of my main passions is tennis – so I was really excited to meet Apprentice contestant Sabrina Stocker, who has the nickname ‘Tennis Girl’! Her business plan on the show was a tennis events company – and My Tennis Events is now the biggest tennis event company in the UK.

I really admire her for how she’s turned her passion into a successful business – but there’s so much more to Sabrina than tennis. I felt we had a lot in common which meant the interview flowed really well. Just like me, Sabrina started a business while she was still at school! Talking of young entrepreneurs, I recently persuaded my daughter Harlie to feature in one of the videos on my YouTube channel. This was the first in our ‘Young Money’ series and focused on how to get started on social media.

Sabrina has literally built her business from scratch and offered all sorts of advice and guidance on how to do this in the interview. We covered sales strategies (find a product that YOU would want to buy!), providing value to your business early on and whether social media is the right platform for your business. Read my LinkedIn post on how to own your business vison…and ultimately get shit done!

We also went into some depth about having an impact on social media and also being direct and honest with your content. This was an issue which I covered in my recent chat with Georgia Harrison – she had some very clear tips for ‘keeping it real’ on your social platforms. My recent chat with Josh Ritchie also featured some fantastic social media insight – here I am with Josh (at his place in Bolton!)

I’ve spoken to a few Apprentice contestants in the past, such as Paul Sullivan, and each interview always results in some fantastic insight. It’s obviously a slightly different reality to show to many others with its business focus. Sabrina and I chatted about the impact of such a big show on your personal brand and what to expect once you’ve been the subject of a dreading firing from Lord Sugar!

For more videos where I chat to celebrities, business gurus and social media influencers about business, their inspiration, hopes and dreams – a bit of everything! – visit my YouTube channel, and for more topical, fun and above all educational business blogs follow me on LinkedIn.

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