Ready for the you next job and the best decision you will ever make?!


Anyone who follows much of my stuff on here or any other channels will see there is always plenty of fun stuff going on within any business I am involved with. AND ALL OF THEM ARE NOW GETTING DESPERATELY UNDER RESOURCED!

Rapid growth in most areas has meant its time for more top quality individuals to join us on our journey!

Sectors I am involved with include FINANCE, FITNESS (not just that I am working on a 6-pack!), RETAIL, PROPERTY, MEDIA. So we need people in the following roles or with the following skill sets:

  • Accountants. (Either qualified and experienced management accountants or super motivated bookkeepers who are looking for an employer to support their learning to make them super-duper management accountants in the future.)
  • Social Media Wizards. (But you better have personality and an open mind. No shit vanilla posts are allowed in our organisations!)
  • Operations Experts. (I won’t lie – some of our processes are FUCKED UP! We need you to organise, streamline, smooth & improve! So if you have experience running operations in FINANCE or LEGAL businesses then get in touch)
  • Videography, Photography, Post-production. (I may say it myself but my life is pretty fun! And I need you to join me on the journey of documenting it. So if you are great with a camera, have loads of funky ideas and want to hang out with celebs whilst listening to me rambling on all day then this job is for you!)
  • Executive Assistant. (You better be the world’s best! You need to be totally proactive, full of great ideas and be ready for my banter on a daily basis!)

If any of the above suit you then get in touch today! Contact me on here or email a CV to Or if you have a friend then let them know. Or just be nice and share this post.

And if you don’t fit any of the above roles but you think you have amazing skills and I am missing out not knowing you then just send me your CV anyway and tell me why you belong in my world!

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