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Maga2020 isn’t a great Twitter password if you are Donald Trump

And that’s not his only Twitter problem

By Ricky Browne

President Donald Trump now has to add Twitter to his list of growing troubles, following the November 3 general election.

The President is still fighting to be recognized as the winner of that election, but must now be concerned about Twitter, which up to now he has relied upon like no other president to broadcast his unfiltered views to the American public.


The first problem is his password being hacked.

My password for things like Twitter looks something like wtf##£$k3756lgj284%^&*. not that easy to remember. So I really appreciate the simplicity of something like Maga2020, though it turns out that its not that effective at keeping people from breaking into your Twitter account as President Donald Trump has now discovered.

The President, who’s password for his Twitter account really was Maga2020!, was successfully hacked by a Dutch ‘ethical hacker’ in October. MAGA has been made famous as a catchphrase for Trump emblazoned on baseball caps across the country. It stands for Make America Great Again.

Trump’s Twitter account was hacked. Photo:: AP/Alex Brandon

Apparently a previous password, before 2016, was another Trump catchphrase – yourefired — Trump’s famous line from his time as a reality show star.

But Trump’s Twitter trouble doesn’t stop only at being hacked.


His second problem is Twitter has recently announced that it may boot the President off the social network after Joe Biden is inaugurated on janurary 20.

As President, Trump is a world leader, and is therefore given much more latitude than a regular citizen. But after January 20, that will no longer be the case, and Twitter has said that they may block the President for violating their rules on content.

Abolish Trump reads a poster at a protest. Photo: Romain Paget

Many people are very excited about the prospect of never seeing a Trump tweet again and have tweeted their support

“Twitter should suspend him the day after Biden’s inauguration. He’s incited mass murderers in El Paso and other cities. He’s a national security threat who undermines national defense, counterintelligence, FBI etc,” tweeted Bret,RD. His tweet got 1200 likes — so it clearly had some support, even if defence was spelt with an s instead of a c.

Another tweet got even more support.

“Imagine the service @Twitter@Jack would be doing for our democracy if they just suspended Trump‘s account, rather than letting him spew endless lies and conspiracy theories. You’re his only medium for doing so,” tweeted Amy Siskind. Her tweet got 8800 likes.

So its likely that such a move may receive applause from the millions of Trump haters out there. But it may severely hit Twitter’s bottom-line.


Twitter is a useful social media outlet for people who want to get news from the horse’s mouth, and it attracts journalists like me who want to see what stories are trending.

Twitter lags Instagram and Facebook. Photo: Thomas Ulrich 

But the network lags behind in popularity when compared to Facebook and Instagram, and now even newer social media networks like TikTok and Snapchat.

And, like it or not, Trump is a mainstay of the Twitterverse. He has more than 88.6 million followers of his account. Assuming that includes the 75 million Americans who voted for him, it still means that there are some 13 million potential Trump-haters who also follow him to see what he’s up to.

Trump is listed as the sixth most followed person on Twitter ranking him just below Portuguese football star Christiano Ronaldo and just above American pop star Talylor Swift.

A victory of sorts for Democrats, is that former US President is ranked first, with some 127 million followers. he is followed by Canadian pop star just Beiber, American pop star Katy Perry and Barbadian pop star Rihanna.

And its likely that Trump is not going to go gently into the good night of political retirement. So it is likely that Trump will continue to tweet regularly on the political situation in America and how he feels about it.

So, even though he has been losing followers recently, it is likely that he will continue to be one of the largest tweeters on Twitter.

Poor Joe Biden gets hardly a look-in with his 21.4 million followers. He may be the next US President, but he lags way behind Trump when it comes to followers — even if he won 84 million votes.

And given his more relaxed persona, it is unlikely that his tweets will drive much interest, even if he kicks it up a few notches.


Biden has a bit of work to do if he wants to top the number of Twitter followers Obama has. Photo: Pixabay

One of Biden’s latest tweets was”@KamalaHarris and I are building a historic Cabinet. A Cabinet that looks like America and taps into the best of this nation.” The tweet included a video of him basically saying the same thing. The tweet received 30,500 likes after 14 hours, and 3,900 comments.

One hour later, a tweet that seemed to stick it to Trump did significantly better. “In this battle for the soul of America, democracy prevailed,”. It received 174,000 likes after 12 hours with 14,800 comments


Obama has more Twitter followers than anyone. Photo: White house

It might be thought that with six times the followers, Barack obama’s tweets would fare better.

A recent tweet from Obama read :

“I had some fun answering questions about #APromisedLand for BookTube. I talked to creators about everything from fatherhood, to celebrating science at the White House, to the role strong women played in my life. You can watch the full episode on @YouTube:” The tweet was basically a plug for his latest book and carried a video of him talking about it. The tweet received 21,200 likes after 21 hours.

Obama’s tweets are not as frequent as Trump’s. But he did make a more political tweet on December 14. It read “Georgians, today is the first day of early voting – make a plan to vote right now and vote early if you can. Then, make sure your friends and family in Georgia do the same.” After more than three days the tweet received 23,600 likes and 767 comments.


Compare that to one of Trump’s latest tweets.

“Perhaps the biggest difference between 2016 and 2020 is @FoxNews, despite the fact that I went from 63,000,000 Votes to 75,000,000 Votes, a record 12,000,000 Vote increase. Obama went down 3,000,000 Votes, and won. Rigged Election!!!” Trump tweeted. The tweet got 252,000 likes and 54,600 comments in 23 hours.

Guess who?

It also got a warning from Twitter: “This claim about election fraud is disputed”.- something that its hard to imagine ever being tagged onto a Biden tweet.

So even though Biden does have a growing following on Twitter, he doesn’t get the kind of excitement that Trump drives on Twitter. Nor does Obama, even though he has 40 million more followers.

Love him or hate him, people want to know what are Trump’s latest thoughts on the issue of the day — even if the issue of the day is his latest tweet.

Meanwhile, the President has now changed his Maga2020! Twitter password. Who knows? Maybe its now Maga2024, as he contemplates another run for the presidency in four short years.

If the President wants to try and find an easy password that nobody would imagine to be his, he might want to think about something like IloveJoeBiden2021 or maybe CapitalismSucks!.

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