Lessons from a Supermodel (Caprice not me!)

I am writing this 12 hours after publishing a video on YouTube where I am interviewing model and businesswoman Caprice Bourret. And in that time it has already become my most watched video to date. So I wanted to share some lessons from it with you.

This video’s success in such a short time makes me want to keep drumming on about the importance of partnering and aligning yourself with people who can elevate your business and your brand. It is THE QUICKEST ROUTE out there to introduce your business or brand to new audiences that don’t know you already but do know the people you are aligning yourself with. And the best bit? You come with instant credibility and respect! Why? Because your new partner is effectively vouching for you!

I often get asked how to get started or how to get aligned with people that you are trying to work with. It is a really simple answer – you need to have something to offer in return. And that normally means that you should probably lower your expectations and start small. You are not going to get Lady Gaga to endorse your brand on day 1 unless you pay her a shit load of cash!

When you are building your audience or starting on your journey to creating partnerships, unless you are able & prepared to invest huge sums of money, you need to pick people who are of a similar ‘status’ to you but who are aligned to different customer bases that you don’t already have reach to. And then build from there. There is no quick fix, but over time your audience and power base will build – and then too will your options for business partners and alignment.

A big mistake people make is feeling that they need to make their target partners celebrities or other similar influencers with a huge audience. But it isn’t the size on the audience that count’s – it’s the relevance. You will get much more success from a local ‘face’ who already has the ear of your target market than paying a fortune to the latest star of Love Island. There is no point getting excited about their 700k Instagram followers if not one of them is your target customer!

Now let’s get back to Caprice! You really should click straight on the link to this interview. I am sure many of you know who she is but what I am sure most don’t know is what an astute businesswoman she is – and you are going to hear some nuggets of commercial gold during this chat!

The point that I was so impressed with in today’s world of celebrity ego’s is that she had the sense and realism to accept that even though she was HOT AS FUCK and at the top of her game, she was getting older and her modelling days wouldn’t last for ever. She needed to capitalise on the personal brand she had created before it slipped away. How often do you think you would get sense and honesty like that from celebrities today who have a lot less star power than Caprice did back then?

Anyway I won’t spoil it for you – click the link to watch it now!

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