How to…Write The Perfect Blog Post!

Look at my LinkedIn articles.


Only joking 😂 but there’s no doubt that content creation is the main driver of business for your brand and product. It keeps you relevant, topical and most importantly – noticed!

The influencers and business leaders I massively admire – Gary V, Dan Lok and Grant Cardone to name just three – preach constantly about how critical content is, and they’re dead right. The proof is in the pudding – if you follow them (and if you don’t, you should) you will be able to access a huge library of honest advice and guidance via blogs, images, videos, gifs…you name it.

Whoever has made the effort to follow you clearly cares about you and the stories you have to tell – so you owe it to them to produce good quality, original, engaging content.

So here are my top tips for writing the perfect blog post…

1 Ignore negativity & create content – don’t let fear stop you!

The biggest obstacle is not creating the content itself – I’m sure you’ve got loads of great ideas – but you’ve probably worried about what people are going to say, wondering if they’ll take the piss. You might even be concerned about trolls. Don’t worry – this is a completely natural and normal fear.

I am super confident – but even so, the fear of online embarrassment, people taking the piss and trolling very much delayed my journey in building my brand. 

What I realised is that it’s like reading a restaurant or hotel review on TripAdvisor. Even if you have the most fantastic, 5-star, luxury set up and get 99 fantastic reviews and comments, it’s inevitable you’ll get 1 abusive comment which is totally off-topic and is definitely not constructive criticism. I’ve got a thick skin, but in any case these sort of comments are either humourous or so incredibly offensive it’s kind of impossible to get offended by them.

What I came to realise is that people who post abusive comments online have no lives and are the saddest people around. Trolls, keyboard warriors – whatever you call them, they’re sat in the spare bedroom at their mum’s hammering out vile abuse to people they’ve never met. You almost have to laugh – for a start, who has the time to do that?! Losers the lot of them.

Whatever you do, don’t give in to them and stop you posting great content to the 99% who will appreciate what you’re doing, will like it (or even love it!!!) and learn from it. I recently joined my team to make a video about this very subject for IGTV!

2 Start now!

Now you’ve shaken off your doubts, it’s time to get cracking!

I can’t stress this enough – creating content is the best and most effective marketing strategy. And whether it’s video, blogs, podcasts, articles…you’ve got to be creative. Now you’ve got no excuse for not starting, here’s how you do it…

3 Grab them by the balls with your headline!!

People’s attention spans are incredibly short now – depending on which study you believe, people spend as little as FIVE SECONDS reading a blog or viewing the start of a video before losing interest! Other studies suggest that 80% of people will read your headline, but only 20% will read the full article.

Fair play to the Daily Mail Online – whatever your views on their content, they nailed it early on. They recognised that everyone claims to be so ‘busy’ now (which is bullshit and something else I’ve blogged about recently) they haven’t got time to read entire articles. So they were one of the first to lay out their stories with a big headline and brief sub-headlines, meaning you can get a decent grasp of the story in just a few seconds.

With your blog, you don’t have to go full Daily Mail, but the basic point is key – you must have an attention-grabbing headline. This is a great way to flex your creative muscles – why not go for a funny pun? Or something controversial like I normally do?! Provoke people into reading and reacting!

4 Provide value and be topical

The overriding goal for all of my content is for the reader, whoever they are, to take away one piece of tangible advice from EVERY piece of content – whether that be a YouTube video, a LinkedIn article or an Instagram post. It’s also better from an engagement POV if your content is topical. New Bond film out soon? Write something about what your business can learn from 007! Coming up to Christmas? Dig out a festive picture of yourself with the legend that is Rick Astley and go from there! People will be more likely to read topical, timely content and may even be searching for it, pushing your article to the top of social and feeds and search engines.

5 Honesty is the best policy

People will respect you if you’re direct and honest…

Even if people think your honesty = controversy, don’t worry – that’s even better! Provocative, controversial and timely topics are all good and will pull your readers down the page. Guess what? I’ve blogged recently about the importance of honesty too!

6 You don’t have to be Dickens

Maybe you’re worried about your writing skills – don’t be! Old grammatical rules no longer apply – communication and language are evolving at a rapid rate, and don’t be scared to throw in a well-timed emoji 😃 It’s 2020, billions of people are using them every day to communicate with family, friends and in business. No one will look down on you and as long as they’re helping to get your point across and not used just for the sake of using them, go for it!

7 Think about your finale

If your readers have come this far, they deserve a pay-off! 😃 End your blog with an inspiring message, a quote, a key piece of advice, anything that will leave them thinking about your message after they’ve started reading and will motivate them to search out more of your content!

And of course, it’s crucial to end with a CTA and links – if readers have come this far (and if you’ve followed these steps, hopefully they will) it’s very likely they’ll want to hear more from you! 👇

For more topical, fun, controversial and educational blogs visit my website and check out my YouTube channel for my interviews where I chat to celebrities, business gurus and social media influencers about business, their inspiration, their hopes and dreams – a bit of everything. Follow me on Instagram and LinkedIn too. 

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