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Global COVID-19 deaths top a million people

By Ricky Browne

COVID-19 deaths across the globe topped a million people for the first time on Tuesday .

According to the Johns Hopkins University database, the 1 million deaths threshold was passed on Tuesday, the first death having been recognized in China in January.

The United States leads in the number of deaths with more than 205,000 deaths, followed by Brazil with 142,000 and India with 96,000.

Mexico ranks fourth with 75,000 coronavirus deaths and Britain follows in fifth place with just over 42,000 deaths.

Masks are the global order of the day

China, where the pandemic started in the city of Wuhan, looks like it has been able to succesfully contain the virus, with 4,739 deaths — ranking it between the much smaller countries of Romania and Saudi Arabia.

Japan with a much larger population than Britain’s also seems to have contained the spread of the virus with 1,568 deaths. South Korea has had 407 deaths. But Taiwan, which is considered an independent state by some, and a renegade province of China by others, has had only seven deaths.

Pedestrians in Macau, China

Meanwhile, the African country with the greatest number of deaths is South Africa with 16,586 deaths. Egypt follows with 5,901 deaths and then Morocco with 2,113 dead.

Over in South America, the continent has been hard hit with 16,113 deaths in Argentina, followed by 12,725 deaths in the neighbouring republic of Chile and 11,280 deaths in Ecuador.

In Central America, Guatemala has the highest number of deaths with 3,238 deaths. Panama follows with 2,348 deaths.

The coronavirus

The Caribbean country with the highest number of deaths is the Dominican Republic with 2,098 deaths. Haiti, which shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dom Rep, has had only a fraction the amount of deaths, with 227 deaths.

The socialist state of Cuba with its strong government control has had 122 deaths out of a population of about 11 million people. Jamaica with a population of about 3 million follows with 101 deaths.

Australia has 882 deaths and New Zealand has had 25 deaths.

Meanwhile there are some 14 states scattered around the globe that have no declared deaths from the coronavirus. These include some Asian states such as the mountainous kingdom of Bhutan, Mongolia, Cambodia and neighbouring Laos, Seychelles and Timor-Leste in Asia, Eritrea in Africa, the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, and then microstates such as San Marino, the Vatican See, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia,

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