The most obvious way to get funding for your business is always going to be simply getting a loan. That doesn’t always mean it’s the most straightforward, especially if your business is innovative or a start up, doesn’t match the high street lenders strict requirements etc

There’s many reasons to go down the loan route over the investor route, most common being not wanting to give up a chunk of your business, that’s not to say there’s no other benefits to getting investors, especially for a start up as often you’ll get access to an investors expertise as well. 

But, let’s say that you’re confident and you know what you’re doing, which you should be before going to an investor anyway. And you want a business loan for a startup or unusual business, then I’d advise you to come to me over at

You can also come to me with your ideas if you’re looking for investment as well, I’m always open to an interesting idea and I’ve invested in everything from high fashion to fish and chip shops. So, nothing is out of scope.