Bridging Loans

I know that a lot of businesses will come across times when they need a fast cash injection to get across the gap. Bridging loans are designed exactly for that, and Funding Guru can help where the high street lenders can’t. We’ll usually be able to make a deal in even the most unusual circumstances. As long as you can show us that the money to repay the bridging loan will be coming in, and that you’re business can keep going we’ll be willing to lend. That means you can get through those delayed payments, late contract starts and life’s other uncertain moments without having to sell assets to stay afloat, or worse close.

What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is exactly what it sounds like, a loan designed to bridge the gap between when a business will run out of money and when it’s next injection of cash is due to arrive. These sorts of emergency loans usually require a pretty quick turn around and as you’d expect usually require repayment pretty quickly. 


How do bridging loans work?

They’re not the simplest of loans to execute and typically speaking they tend to come with a few caveats, the whole idea is that they’re a short term cash injection and often the businesses that need them are in some sort of trouble, so there’s usually a bit of extra legal coverage to go through. 

To get the ball rolling contact Funding Guru and explain how much you need and why you need it, the team will then take you through your options. 

There’s a few industries where it’s particularly common to use a bridging loan, property development being the biggest, bridging loans were originally used in that sector to help break up complicated sales chains so it’s hardly surprising. But, times move on and now they’re available for pretty much anything, this means that if you’re in need of an injection to keep things running smoothly this could well be your best option.