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100 thing’s i’ve learned after 25 years in business

Like most people, my journey to where I am now hasn’t been smooth sailing, nor has it been straightforward. If I had the knowledge I now have as a hungry teenager, the last 25 years would probably have been smoother. One thing is for sure, I would have been even more successful. Knowledge is power and experience is priceless. Oh my god, what I would give to have the knowledge and experience I have today built into me 25 years ago!

But that’s just it, I’ve made these mistakes so you don’t have to. My journey hasn’t been easy, but what I’m most grateful for is the fact I can now help other entrepreneurs to avoid making the same mistakes and fast-track their success. I’m now in the position to share with people the knowledge and shortcuts I’ve developed over the decades so they can develop and succeed with less stress and failure. 

So ultimately, the MOST important lesson I’ve learned not just in my career but in life, is that it’s always possible to turn something negative into a positive, no matter how grave it seems! Life is simply a matter of perspective.

So here is my list. 100 things I have learned over the past 25 years. Hopefully, it’s not everything I have learned! But it’s some of the best stuff to get you going, wherever you are in your career or life right now.

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  1. Find your passion(s) in life and pursue it relentlessly
  2. Love what you do and it’ll never feel like work 
  3. Be Coachable. Always be open to guidance (from the right people)
  4. Find a mentor, or two. (Or more!) It’s the best shortcut you can get. 
  5. Pay for proximity. Getting close to the people who can change your life is worth every penny
  6. Never ever stop learning. When you stop learning you stop growing. When you stop growing you start dying.
  7. Set goals. Short-term, long-term, small and big. Always be working towards something.
  8. Build a power network of killer business contacts
  9. … And great friends who enrich your life! 
  10. Strive for more than just money
  11. Your number 1 goal in life should be to be happy!
  12. Don’t let pride stand in the way of the right decisions 
  13. Mistakes are inevitable – don’t sweat it. But don’t repeat the same mistakes twice!
  14. Anything short of death is reversible – so stop worrying!
  15. Always have multiple streams of income 
  16. You don’t have to choose between your career and a family – you can have it all! 
  17. Without a commitment to your health and fitness, you will never achieve your true potential in any field.
  18. Everything is your fault! Everything is your responsibility. Never rely on or blame others and you will always be in control.
  19. Learn patience. Greatness takes time – even if Instagram tries to tell us otherwise!
  20. Learn new skills to complement your core business. Even the most unlikely ones will add a new dimension and open your mind in ways you never imagined.  
  21. Never quit!
  22. … Until it really is time to walk away!
  23. Money WON’T bring you happiness
  24. …….But it will give you more opportunities and freedom
  25. Every day is a new day 
  26. Don’t dwell on the past but do learn from it
  27. Certain people will always try to bring you down. Delete them from your life.
  28. Stay humble. It’s one of the most attractive traits in anyone.
  29. Invest, invest, invest! And start as early as you can, no matter how small the amount
  30. ….Because compound interest is the most powerful force in the world 
  31. …. But it’s never too late to start so don’t ever let that be an excuse!
  32. All that glitters is not gold.
  33. Self-awareness is essential to success and happiness.
  34. Believe in yourself
  35. Confidence is like a muscle. The more you use it, the more developed it will become.
  36. All people in your life should bring value. If they are adding value then they are taking it.
  37. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 
  38. There is no substitute for hard work
  39. …..But you need more than hard work alone for great success.
  40. You don’t need qualifications to be rich 
  41. …..But you do need knowledge
  42. Be disciplined. It will always be there for you even when motivation isn’t.
  43. You can’t please everyone or make everyone like you
  44. Battles of egos are very expensive
  45. Push out of your comfort zone. This is where you grow. 
  46. If you have a problem that money can solve then you don’t have a problem!
  47. Communication is one of the most important skills you can learn
  48. Enjoy the spoils of your success 
  49. … But don’t let those comforts take away the fire that helped you earn them in the first place. 
  50. You make your own luck
  51. Life is one big negotiation with everyone you meet. Your customers, your boss, your wife, your kids. The earlier you can learn the skill the better.
  52. No one is invincible. Remember the story of David and Goliath?
  53. The right partner at home is essential to your success at work. No partner is better than the wrong partner. 
  54. Focus on your own life. Don’t waste time gossiping about other people.
  55. It’s okay to take some time off. Even the most powerful machines need a service sometimes!
  56. One decision can change everything 
  57. Be bold!
  58. Leverage is a superpower 
  59. You’re not better than anyone 
  60. … But you’re also not beneath them 
  61. Change your diet, change your life!
  62. Whatever you do, put a unique spin on it 
  63. Don’t let emotions overrule your senses.
  64. Giving feels so much better than receiving 
  65. Read! Everything you need to learn can be found in books. 
  66. … And the right podcasts 
  67. When you reach your goals, keep setting more
  68. Recognise when you’re being manipulated or misled
  69. Don’t beat around the bush – say it how it is. It may be hard at first, but people appreciate the candour. And it saves a lot of time!
  70. Be YOU. Be UNIQUE. don’t try to fit into anybody else’s mould.
  71. Take risks!
  72. … But make sure they are calculated ones 
  73. Develop a great bullshit detector. Because you will find it all around you!
  74. Give long before you ever expect to receive
  75. Money is useless until it is spent. 
  76. Join as many mastermind sessions as you can 
  77. Don’t obsess over what could have been 
  78. Share your knowledge and experience 
  79. Trust your gut
  80. Business partners should bring complementary skills
  81. Perfection is an excuse. You’ll never be 100% ready.
  82. Property should form a major part of your net worth 
  83. Taxation is the biggest error in investment returns. Ensure you use every tax break you have access to. ISA, Pension, EIS….. 
  84. Don’t follow the herd. If you do what everyone else does then you can only achieve the maximum of what they do.
  85. Always keep your mind open to new opportunities. The best ones usually appear when you least expect them.
  86. Never settle for less than you deserve
  87. You get what you tolerate
  88. If a job is worth doing then it’s worth doing well
  89. Travel is not only great fun, it expands your mind and creates opportunities
  90. Great relationships are one of the keys to success
  91. Don’t be afraid to bend the rules
  92. …… But don’t break the wrong ones!
  93. Building the right team is crucial to success
  94. … So don’t be afraid to fire them if they don’t meet your standards.
  95. Teach your kids the skills that schools never will. Sales, marketing, networking….. These will give them a head start on whatever path they choose. 
  96. … But don’t try to force them down your path. Let them experiment and find their own passions and direction. 
  97. Remember, it only takes one bad decision to lose everything 
  98. … But if the worst happens, don’t cry about it, starting again is not as bad as people make out 
  99. Your past doesn’t have to define you 
  100. Always remind yourself, you can do it! 

No matter how many books you read or mentors you confide in, fucking up is inevitable. But, you can bypass a lot of the roadblocks by learning from my failures and finding out how I survived them. 

Hire me as your mentor to fast-track your business and life. Success minus the speed bumps! 



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