The weekend entrepreneur – how to make your weekends as successful as the weekdays!

By November 16, 2017 No Comments

For many of us, the weekends are the only time where we can sleep in late, spend time lying about on the couch and finding time to decompress. As perfectly valid as these activities are, the weekends can still be optimised to benefit your working life utilising some extra time to make your business run more efficiently.

Never snooze that alarm

As enjoyable lying in on the weekend can be, successful business people are savvy enough to know that an altered sleep cycle on Saturday or Sunday can throw off the entirety of the working week ahead. Making sure you keep to the same schedule and wake up bright and early on weekends can ensure you maximise your free time for work-based activities when you’re at your freshest, reserving the evening for relaxation and recuperation.

Get active

Research has proven that physical activity improves cognitive function, with regular activeness associated with the ongoing improvement of brain function and can even reduce age-related loss of memory function. Why not book an early workout class or personal training session to ensure you jump out of bed and get your brain and body kick-started for a productive weekend.

Find a recharging ritual

Whether this is a specific workout routine, taking a weekend away in a secluded location or even going technology free for a day can do wonders for focussing the mind. Many entrepreneurs find themselves setting aside a specific time each month to spend some time in solitude or away from the business of the office or city, to allow them to refocus their mindset.

Plan everything

Although it can be tempting to put off planning the week until Monday morning, however, the weekend can be the perfect opportunity to sit down and schedule meetings, prioritise work and look at pockets of time that can be more effectively utilised in your week. By planning your week ahead, you can see personal and business objectives and identify how you will achieve them through your weekly activity.

Outsource and delegate

This does not mean that you should consistently rope your employees in to cover work on the weekend on your behalf, after all, you’re the boss! However, it is effective to outsource work and projects that could be completed more efficiently by specialist individuals to allow you some free time on the weekend and pick up the slack on other projects internally.

Keep up with your hobbies

Although you should aim to remain productive and focus on your pressing deadlines and work, a healthy balance requires you also to put aside some time to focus on passion projects. Whether these are creative pursuits, such as painting, drawing or writing or a larger project such a home renovations, it is important to know when to draw a line between the workweek and your personal time.

It’s important to balance your work and social life to ensure that you are utilising your time most effectively. It is vital not to neglect your weekends and understand how to get the most out of them through being a little more active, taking some time to plan and ensuring you spend some time away from technology to decompress and recuperate.

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